Luís Mira Amaral

Luís Mira Amaral has a degree in Electrical Engineering (IST-1969), Master in Economics (FEUNL-1982) and Post graduate in Management from the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University (2000). Also successfully completed the following programmes: “Power Systems Reliability Evaluation” at the University of Manchester,”Strategic Management Program in Banking” at Insead and “Asset Liability Management” at Euromoney Training.
He was Minister of Labour and Social Security (1985-87), Minister of Industry and Energy (1987-95), Negotiator for the Portuguese government of the Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric Dam dossier (2002-2004), Chairman of the Portuguese Forum for Competitiveness (2004/2007), Chairman of the Mercosur-European Union Business Forum (2004-2006) and Member of the Competitiveness Advisory Group of the President of the European Commission (2004-2006).
In terms of professional activity, he has worked as a power systems engineer at EDP, has worked for Fomento Nacional bank (Corporate Marketing) and has served as President of the Social Security Financial Management Institute.
In the industrial and energy sector he served as Board Member of various companies, namely EDP, Cimpor, Unicer, Vista Alegre-Atlantis, Repsol Portugal and Edinfor. In the financial sector he has served as CEO of BFE-Investimentos (Investment Bank) of BFE Group, Director of BPI, CEO of Fomento-Angola bank and Fomento-Moçambique bank, CEO of CGD (the biggest Portuguese bank).
In terms of academic life, he has been Lecturer and Coordinating Lecturer at IST in Production and Transport of Electrical Energy, Coordinating Lecturer in the undergraduated programs of Economics and Management of UCP, Visiting Full Professor of Industrial Economics at Universidade Lusíada, Visiting Associate Professor of Industrial Economics of Nova School of Business and Economics and Chairman of Nova Forum – Instituto de Formação de Executivos (Nova Forum – Executive Training Institute) of Nova School of Business and Economics
Luís Mira Amaral is currently Invited Full Professor of Economics and Management at IST, Board Member of Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação, Board Member and Chairman of the Audit Committee of NOVABASE and CEO of BIC Português bank.