Jean Barroca

Jean Barroca has a degree in Engineering Sciences – Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering, from Instituto Superior Técnico of the Technical University of Lisbon. He was an active member in the student union of IST and actuated as an international representative of Portuguese students in the European Student Union, an umbrella organization of 44 National Unions of Students from 37 countries.

He worked in several non-profit organizations and also at Local Government level where he has developed experience and competencies in team and project management with strong emphasis on open innovation strategies, Web 2.0 dissemination strategies and creation of new services through ICT enabled applications in different domains.

During the last years he has been involved in several EU funded projects under CIP ICT PSP and FP7, in the context of Smart Cities, Future Internet and Living Labs, developing Open Innovation platforms and applying design thinking tools applied to the creation of business models