Gil Nadais

Gil Nadais holds a diploma in Psychology from the University of Coimbra, and he is the Lord Mayor of Águeda since 2005.
Recognizing the number of companies from Águeda related with the lighting cluster and the role of the municipality in giving a new impetus to the local business sector, he developed the creation of the Lighting Living Lab, a partnership with local companies and the Technology and Management School of Águeda. The SIG Luzee project was born from that Living Lab, and it consists in a geo-referenced information system of the public lighting in the municipality’s territory.
Gil Nadais has also launched a pilot project on a European scale, which aims to place 2.200 public light LED fixtures, controlled remotely by a WiMAX system. “Urban Centre of the Future” is another ongoing project which consists in preparing a housing specification model respecting the criteria for sustainability.
In 2009, he signed the Covenant of Mayors, aiming to implement a set of strategic actions to increase energy efficiency by the Municipality and reduce CO2 emissions.
Gil Nadais is acknowledged not only for his leadership skills and inspiring vision, but also for his managerial proficiency, which has been creating visible results for both citizens and businesses. His strongest asset is the drive for success through innovation.