Diogo Rebelo

Diogo Rebelo is the CEO of DRI. He is passionate about finding simple, collaborative solutions that help people interact efficiently with technology.
Diogo believes that collaboration is the key to any modern, agile and productive organization, and that our social nature has to be incorporated into the way we all work. He has, over the last few years, spoken in several events related to the Social Enterprise and Social CRM, among others.
He started his career as a Sybase consultant back in 1999, fresh out of university, with a degree in Computer Science and Management from ISCTE. His focus for the last 14 years has been on leading DRI to where it is today — a global company with offices around the world.
Diogo’s professional experience has granted him a unique insight to implementing web strategies, CRM and other projects, fitting them to real life environments.
He’s a natural born networker with the energy and resilience to implement his ideas, and fully grasp the issues that need solving.