Thursday, 13th of March, 2014

 09:00 Opening Session
Welcoming message Graça Fonseca, Lisbon City Councillor for Economy, Education and Innovation
The Human Smart City Vision Álvaro Oliveira, CEO of Alfamicro
 09:30 Panel 1: Human Smart City Policies – From Local to Global  
Smart Governance Graça Fonseca, Lisbon City Councillor for Economy, Education and Innovation
Operationalizing the city transformation Jorge Máximo, Lisbon City Councillor for Public Works and Information Systems
  European policies for urban innovation ecosystems Joel Bacquet, European Commission
Addressing the big challenges of the cities Victor Mulas, World Bank
Integrating people and technology in the urban innovation ecosystem Eduardo Costa, Àgora Lab (Brazil)
Creating wealth and jobs in the new economy Luís Mira Amaral, Former Portuguese Minister of Industry
 11:00  Coffee Break
 11:30 Panel 2: Human Smart City – An Urban Innovation Ecosystem
Distributed intelligence and innovation circuits in smart cities Nicos Komninos, Aristotle University (Greece)
Empowering Cities’ Creativity Evandro Millet, Executive Director at Pecbank Consulting (Brazil)
New city development planning Jarmo Suominen, Aalto University
An Integrated Sustainable Urban Proposal for Lisbon Teresa Almeida, Coordinator of the Lisbon Mission Team/Europe 2020
European Smart City Case Pablo Sánchez Chillón, Advisor on Policy Making Strategies (Spain)
 13:00 Lunch
 14:30 Panel 3: Making Policy in the Human Smart City (Round Table)
Jean Barroca, Alfamicro (Moderator)
Jesse Marsh, Alfamicro
Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais
Gil Nadais, Mayor of Águeda
Luís Matias, Mayor of Penela
Paulo Fernandes, Mayor of Fundão
Miguel Coelho, President of Parish Council of Santa Maria Maior (Lisbon)
 16:00  Coffee Break
 16:30 Panel 4: MyNeighbourhood – A Human Smart Cities Case
MyNeighbourhood Vision Álvaro Oliveira, CEO of Alfamicro
European RDI framework for Human Smart Cities Joel Bacquet, European Commission
Neighbourhood communities and social Innovation Grazia Concilio, Politecnico di Milano
Gamification methodologies Manuel Oliveira, SINTEF
Technical platform and services Diogo Rebelo, DRI
Orchestrating the co-creation of Human Smart Cities Jean Barroca, Alfamicro
 18:00 Closing Session
Álvaro Oliveira, CEO of Alfamicro
Jorge Máximo, Lisbon City Councillor for Public Works and Information Systems
Pedro Lomba, Secretary of State Assistant to the Minister in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister and for Regional Development